The strategy comprises of 3 parts that allow forming the common area of work, defining priorities. The strategy allows understanding the essence of the activities and decide whether interested or not in organization. The strategy creates the conditions for all the members defining the area of work and projects, among which everyone can choose something.

Area of work

  • Session of event to support the science activities as the priority of the assosiation

«Leading scientific progress»

MASU graduates – future scientific elite..

  • Session of events to cooperate and support current members of MASU

«MASU members and graduates – big family»

  • Session of events concerning work with prominent professionals, MASU graduates, that reaches success in their field of work. 

«Experience of generations is the way to self-perfection.»

  • Session of events in the sphere of public life of the society (dividing into fields of culture, sport, international relations, business, social activities etc. and the list widens with new ideas)

«We will contribute our mite in building civil society of Ukraine»

MASU graduates – future civil elite.

  • Session of events concerning public opinion.

«Association as a mouthpiece of the society»

MASU graduates – future political elite.

  • Session of events concerning flashmobs, entertainment. 

«Efficient organization of time between rest and work – a condition of progress.».

  • Session of events to unite NGO team.

«Strength of any organization is in its team, and the power of the team – in unity.»

  • Session of events to build NGO brand. Informational network.

«The main task is to be known for the work done, not the words said. »

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