Association of MAS of Ukraine Graduates will unite the young elite of Ukraine


- Eugene, before you created and lead the Association of MAS Graduates, you had already passed the way from school-student and MAS-member to the graduate. Tell us about your experience at the Minor Academy of Sciences.


For me, MAS is a very important part of life. This trend, I would say, "captured" me when I was in 9th grade when at the Belgorod-Dniester. Professor in Physics suggested that I should write a scientific work. At the same time I was working on a paper in mathematics. It turned out still: and 9, and 10, and 11 grades every year I wrote two works of different subjects. During the competition I had to defend simultaneously in two sections. In 9 grade I took second place in the field of physics. The success inspired me, and next year I repeated this result already with my mathematical research. But the highest result I then had was in the section "Experimental Physics", I became a winner. During the year I received the Presidential Scholarship. In the 11 class I was lucky to make "double": the finals of the competition was held both in physics and economics. It was really "hot week" because the competitions in both sections were held simultaneously. Well, that allowed me to adjust the schedule, but still I had a little difficulty: for example, from 9 am to 12 am – control paper in mathematics in economic section, and from 1 pm to 5 pm - the control paper of physics. As a result, I became a winner of nationwide contest with my "physics" work.


- Recently, you entered the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University in specialty "International Economics". It is easy to combine training with social activities?


- Volunteering attracted me long ago. I was president in the Lyceum, later headed the city council of student leaders. And when I entered the university and came to the capital, the first week I had such a small depression. Coming home on dinner and just not knowing what to do with myself. The fact is that classes take not so much time, if you passed school Minor Academy of Sciences. Already know how to choose the most important, because write notes not 5 hours, and only an hour. To form opinions and conclusions after a competitive defense much easier. You know what a serious textbook (MAS members write papers with university textbooks), get used to the style presentation of university professors, not school teachers. So you already have more or less formed scholar style. Therefore, it becomes easier and there is free time.

When in school, I directed the entertainment for various social things. And here, without thinking twice, went to the student parliament and said, 'Give something to do. " They were surprised, but suggested area of ​​work. During the year I was able to implement several major projects. The largest of these was the International Student Government Forum, which gathered about 150 participants from 45 universities. And so I recently became the first deputy chairman of the student Parliament and the Faculty of Economics and began my work on MAS Alumni Association.


Outline-please activities of the Association. What do you plan to do, with whom will work?


- Association of Minor Academy of Sciences will bring together all current and former members: pupils, students and people who have already passed the stage of formation and achieved something in life. First of all, I want to "take the patronage" of students who have enrolled in the Mnior Academy of Sciences. For example, if someone failed to win the prize at the MAS competition in 9 or 10 classes, senior companions can suggest what you should pay attention to so that you could adjust the work to perform better next time. Our organization will concentrate not only on scientific issues. MAS Graduates are multifaceted personalities, they show fantastic activity in public life, whether it is culture, art, sports, education or social policy: the ocean of ​​new initiatives, innovative ideas, and the projects. We help them to achieve all this. Another trend - collaboration with alumni who already stand firmly in their life, succeed in any field. We plan to establish communication clubs with such VIP. They can share experiences, help younger colleagues in the creative, scientific terms, the choice of profession, guide them on the right path. We position ourselves as a complete functional structural unit in the public sector.  Therefore, our organization will act as a kind of "public mouthpiece". The plans – defending public opinion on important issues, creation of working groups to discuss new initiatives. To these groups will be invited experts, academicians, community and youth leaders who will provide specific proposals. All comments and information requests will be registered as from the MAS Alumni Association. Minor Academy of Sciences - is an environment that makes people better, forms a personality of an ordinary student. Talking to MAS graduates you understand that they are different, they really changed this atmosphere. These boys and girls know how to see the goals and achieve it, see obstacles and overcome them, defend their own opinion. Minor Academy of Sciences really does a lot for us, and we, in turn, have value and not lose what it gave us.

So we invite all to join Association of Minor Academy of Sciences Graduates to develop organizational, information structure, strategy and tactics of the organization. We want to create an open system for the realization of every young person, with no age restrictions. Even if you study at school, but have interesting ideas and the desire to implement them – welcome !

Welcome to our team!

Tatyana Aleksandrova

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