Kudryavets Yevgen Volodymyrovich


Yevgen was born on the 6 of December 1993.

In 2000 started his education at the first class of the school № 5, in 2007 went to the Lyceum. During school-time he wins more that 100 of competitions and protects scientific papers in math, physics, computer science, chemistry and economics. Also participated in many tournaments like “Kangaroo” and “Levenia”, National competition in computer science, Sevastopol physics-math fight.

Became full member of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In April 2009 on the III (last) stage of the MAS competition in Kiev takes the firsr place and a gold medal of the Ministry of education and sciences of Ukraine, and receive a scholarship of the President of Ukraine. He also was awarded the municipal scholarship.

Yevgen has an active public position since school-time. During 2009 elections in Lyceum by a large margin becomes the President of the Lyceum. Resting in "Artek", becomes President of the camp. Takes part in training «Public Achievement» and receives qualification of a youth activity center coach. On local elections wins and becomes President of the local student government.

In May 2010 - graduated from "secondary school level II - Lyceum," and won a gold medal for outstanding academic achievement.

In August 2010, entered the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, Faculty of Economics in International Economics. After that entered the Student Parliament and took an active public stance. Became the best speaker of the International UN Model.

Since March 2011 invited to work in national center "MAS".

In May 2011 organized the International Forum of student government.

At that time, was elected First Vice-President of the Student Parliament.

On stock market modeling wins internship in the company «Finmarket».

July 27, 2011 took part in the founding meeting of NGO "Association of Small Academy of Sciences."

28 July 2011 was appointed Executive Director of the Association of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Graduates.

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