Baryakhtar Victor Grigorievich


Victor Grigorievich was born on the 9 of August 1930. Graduated from Kharkov State University (1953). In 1959 he was awarded a candidate degree, and in 1965 – doctor’s degree in physics. In 1972 became corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR and in 1978 – academician.

Lately Bar'yakhtar V. have taken an active part in the work of the elimination of the results of the Chernobyl disaster. He headed the Committee for nuclear policy under the President of Ukraine, was the member of the international coordination council of the member-states of the European Community on the problems of reduction of the Chernobyl disaster etc.

Academician Bar'yakhtar V is an author of more than 500 works, including 16 monographs in physics and 5 monographs on the elimination of the Chernobyl disaster.

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