Yaroslav S. Yatskiv


Yaroslav S. Yatskiv was born on the 25 of October 1940. The scientific way he began after graduating from Lviv polytechnic institute in 1960 as astronomer-observer at Poltava Gravimetric Observatory, which he heads since 1975.

More than 200 of publications say much about versatility and high erudition. Great experience tell us a lot high authority of the scientist: Member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1979 - ), Member of Astronomische Geselschaft (1984 - ), President of IAU Com. 19 "Rotation of the Earth" (1982 - 1985), Vice-President of IAU (1982 - 1988); Member of Interagency Consulting Group (1984 - 1986); Secretary of Section 5 of IAG (1988 - 1991), Chairman of IERS Directing Board (1992 - 1995), Chairman of State Committee for united time and standard frequencies of Ukraine (1996 - ) etc.

Public activity of Yaroslav S. Yatskiv – is one of the unalienable features of his character. He really tries to unite the democratic powers of Ukraine, takes part in the work of the Congress of Ukrainian intelligentsia, and tries to establish democratic principles in Ukrainian science.

The name of the scientist is known in the space – a little planet #2728 is called “Yatskiv”

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