1. Club function – to create clubs within which people with similar interests could have an opportunity for communication including attraction of VIP

  2. Science function – close support of the scientific activities including conferences, round tables, symposia etc.

  3. Public function – establishment of socially needed and useful projects

  4. Legal function – the protection of interests

  5. Organizing function – creation of a new and more effective system of the NGO-management

  6. Coordination function – coordination of the efforts of MAS graduates in the fulfillment of the common ideas.


Organizing function

  • Let’s create a new format of the activities organization and reject the strict system of structural units.

BASIC PRINCIPLE: departments are created for people, not vice versa.

  • With the help of club meetings the workgroups will be created to fulfill each idea. A workgroup that works on the specific group of problems permanently becomes a standing committee on this problem. Project managers coordinate the workgroups.

  • The work of the board of administration is based on the basis of standing assembly. Board of administration is accountable to the presidium with which it coordinates its activities.

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